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About Us


Our Mission

At Little Prodigies Inc., we believe everyone should experience the joy and enlightenment that stems from having access to the creative arts. Our diverse curriculum places a special focus on music, art, drama, and dance while providing educational programs that enable and encourage all community members to participate. Through our passion to inspire and empower individuals from all walks of life, we aim to achieve our vision of opening doors to the creative arts.

Toddler Playing Drums

Our Cadence


Our team believes in the transformational power of the creative arts. We believe an education in the creative arts is powerful in maximizing brain, physical, language, social, and fine motor development.


At Little Prodigies, we recognize that dreams are the foundation for success. We use our classes to inspire our students to create, dream, and succeed.


Our small, mighty team is big in heart. We understand how important it is to use our gifts and talents to give back to the community through scholarships, community outreach, and advocacy.

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We teach. We inspire. We give.

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