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Tutoring & Home School Programs


 Home School Programs

Prodigies Academy has blended programs for ages 2.5-12 years old. It combines the award winning Time4Learning online curriculum, creative arts instruction, tutoring, educational monitoring, and assessments from certified teachers. As parents, we want to provide our children with every opportunity to advance. Prodigies Academy combines the best of academic instruction, tutoring, and creative arts into one program. The program is tailor-made for every individual student, and we will work hard to help you provide your child with the best foundation. Call us today to get started!

Little Prodigies Program – Ages: 2.5-6

Did you know that the earliest years are the most important years of a child’s development? Did you know your child’s capacity for language is established by the age of 3? There are four primary critical brain development windows that you want to ensure are being stimulated and maximized academically and socially before the age of 4. Our Little Prodigies Program uses the Time4Learning online curriculum and a weekly 1 ½  class to maximize gains in each of these areas. Students are assigned a special teacher who will monitor the student’s progress, complete assessments, and assist the parents with any questions. Students will receive weekly creative arts education. Classes meet Monday 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Parents and students will also have access to Skype teaching sessions (certified teachers). This program is great for parents who have opted to home school their preschoolers, but would like to ensure their child is progressing academically and socially. This is also a great choice for parents who work outside of the home, but want to ensure they are maximizing the earliest years of brain development through educational and creative arts activities.



Little Prodigies Program: Online Curriculum, Assessments, Weekly Class: $150 per month

Prodigies Kids Program- Ages 7-12

The Prodigies Kids Program is for students ages 7-12 years old. This program consists of the Time4Learning online curriculum and weekly creative arts classes. This program is the perfect model for parents who have opted to home school their children and students currently enrolled in other homeschool programs. Students will receive a “supplemental” education from our teachers through the Time4Learning online curriculum and classes. Students will receive tutoring and weekly creative arts education from our trained teachers and staff. Students will receive an education in their selected electives in dance, music, art, and drama during the weekly sessions. 



Little Prodigies Program: Online Curriculum, Assessments, Weekly Class: $150 per month

Teacher and Pupil

We provide provide private tutoring for elementary and middle school students. Our certified Lead Teachers have the experience and expertise to design an educational plan that fits your prodigy. Call us at 850-332-6462 or email us at dreamteam@prodigiesonline for pricing and schedule information. 

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